Minrray Unveils The 1st Generation Omnidirectional Speakerphone VC700 for Various Meeting Spaces

Minrray Unveils the 1st Generation Omnidirectional  Speakerphone VC700 for Various Meeting Space

  Minrray Unveils New Omnidirectional Speakerphone VC700 for Various Meeting Spaces(图1)

                                     Minrray Omnidirectional Daisy Chain Speakerphone VC700


We are thrilled to announce that Minrray first generation omnidirectional daisy chain speakerphone was officially released.


Flexible design, prefect for various meeting space

VC700 has powerful expansion capabilities. When it needs to be used in a larger meeting room or for team meeting, the product is equipped with an expansion unit, which has a speaker system and a microphone system, so the two equipment can work in a conference environment at the same time. The speakers and microphones of the main unit and the expansion unit are fully synchronized, and they can be controlled with each other at the same time, which greatly optimizes the omnidirectional microphone's pickup and playback capabilities, bringing a better experience to the user.


Support Bluetooth, USB, and Line IN/OUT connection method.

Support Bluetooth and USB transmission function, and LINE IN/OUT analog interface, connecting external communication terminal through 3.5mm audio cable. VC700 also supports video conference system, multimedia communication system, compatible with various conference software.


Quick Setup and Easy to Manage

With multiple interfaces and connection methods, the setup and management of VC700 can be really easy.With a network cable, you can link the main device and expansion device together and control them at the same time.


Full duplex cal and deep echo cancellation

VC700 adopts full duplex deep echo cancellation, 48k broadband voice call HD technology, intelligent microphone mixing, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain technology.The speaker system adopts a multi-core digital unit with a volume up to 85dB and a 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment.


Built in 5200mA battery, working time over 8 hours

Users don’t need to worry about the power run out.There are 2 power methods. VC700 is built in 5200mA battery, working duration is more than 8 hours. Standby time is 90 days.Moreover, you can charge the speakerphone via USB cable, which connect to your laptop/PC/TV to display the video.


About Minrray: Minrray Industry Co.,Ltd, is a leader in cloud communication industry offering video conferencing products and solutions on a global scale. Founded in 2002, Minrray integrated manufacturing, research, and sales hopefully to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. Backed by professional technical team with deep knowledge, Minrray has been awarded with many patents in fields of ISP algorithm, image processing and encoding technology.  With focus on products development and technology research, Minrray is continuously working on higher resolution, better integration and more intelligence. 

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