Live Streaming

With rising of the live streaming in recent years, new online industries such as talent display, live streaming selling, and online interactive teaching have been accepted by more people, which is accompanied by publics' higher requirement of technology tools. Minrray live streaming solution offers a powerful tool to help Youtubers and any other influencers to perfectly demonstrate their items on the streamings.

Powerful and easy-to-use functions make teaching smarter
Create Vibrant and True-To-Life Content

Featured by high color fidelity, premium glass lens and smart auto-focus system, Minrray screaming cameras make it easy to get professional-quality image, and always presenting your audience the best of yourself and your goods.

Always Stay On The Focus

Dual lens make framing and focus easier and boost accuracy of framing to keep you in the center of the shot, even as you move around. In this case, your goods' details will be amplified and your audiences are not easy to be distracted.                           

Seamless Transition of Panorama and Close-up

Panoramic view or detailed features, whatever your audience want to see, Minrray screaming cameras featured by 12 X optical zoom lens plus multiple preset positions are easy to make it realized.