R & D



Minrray always regards R&D and innovation as the cornerstone of enterprise development, and through continuous investment on it to enhances competitiveness , gradually forming a core technology systems with independent intellectual property rights around the main business. On development of R&D, Minrray keeps working toward high-definition, networking, intelligence, and integration. The accumulation of technology in ISP core algorithm, auto-focusing core algorithm, intelligent image analysis algorithm, image coding and decoding technology, audio processing algorithm, automatic tracking algorithm, etc., ensures Minrray’s solid research and development capabilities and super technical reserves .

Design/Software Development/Quality Control
Hardware Design

Our persistence to innovate assure us the leader position on video conferencing industry.

ID Design

Unique creation combined with cutting-edge technology make our cameras more aestheic.

Software Development

Backed by experienced R&D teams and cutting-edge technology, we are competent to create more intelligent cameras.

Quality Control

Minrray always put quality on priority, and in order to offer customers professional-quality cameras, all of Minrray' cameras were certified by ISO9001.

Superb Visual Experience
Optical/image development capabilities(图1)
Image Analysis
Premium lens gurantees the high quality of image effect.
Optical/image development capabilities(图2)
Optical Zoom
Optical zoom with zero distoration feature enables our cameras to capture every detail.
Optical/image development capabilities(图3)
Image Optimization
Intelligent image processing technology. Auto White Balance(AWB), Auto Exposure(AE), Auto Focus(AF) available.

Patent certificates
There are 10 authorized invention patents, 25 utility model patents, 30 appearance patents, and 34 software copyrights. Data as of December 2020
Utility model patents
Appearance patent
Software copyright