Transform Education into Boundless

Technology unleashes more creativity on education. Minrray solution created many powerful audiovisual tools for education and is designed to provide a boundless and flexible learning environment. With Minrray Teaching Cameras, education is accessible to every students no matter where you are.

Powerful And Easy To Use Make Teaching Smarter
Dual-teacher classroom interactive platform

One lecturer teaches online, and the other teacher manages and assists in offline teaching. Exploiting the advantages of dual teachers can effectively improve classroom efficiency and teaching quality. Students in different regions can enjoy the same high-quality educational resources.             

Interactive with students

Realize remote teaching synchronization through living or recording system. The intelligent tracking camera captures every teaching detail and students state.  The recording and storage system provides real-time playback of the teaching process, enabling teachers, students, parents, and schools to watch at any time.                               

Interactive with parents

Parents participate in school teaching through online methods to realize the interaction between parents and school. By accessing the video conference teaching system, partents have more convenient channel to participate in school teaching, and truly achieves the goal of family and school teaching together                              

Inter-school communication

By building a video conference platform, it can meet the convenience of communication and collaboration between schools and schools, schools and enterprises, and schools and superior departments. Realize the sharing of high-quality resources, save teaching costs, and improve teaching efficiency.