Maximize Healthcare Flexibility and Connectivity

When it comes to the transformation of healthcare system, nothing is more important than a flexible communications solution. Telemedicine cameras tackle patients’ access issues and improve healthcare providers’ ability to communicate with patients smoothly. Additionally, telemedicine camera is frequently used for follow-up visits, in this case, remote patients can learn their conditions with no need to phsically presence

Take Great Care of Your Patients
Extend Medical Treatment Beyond Hospital

Remote monitoring enable nurses to extend their service to a large number of patients with no need to be physically presence. Minrray telemedicine camera featured by 4K resolution, optimal sound present clear image effect of patients condition, offering more opportunities for patients to learn their health-related information easily.

Telemedicine Reduces Infection Risk

Through effective collaboration tools, contagious patients can communicate with their doctors online, which dramatically decrease the risk of spreading the virus while smooth and timely communication also can be achieved between doctors and patients.                           

Deliver Medical Conference Everywhere

Telemedicine cameras bring all doctors together from any place to exchange insightful opinions easily.  Medical training happens everywhere and offer opportunities to communicate with experts and other groups face to face.