Start Being An Effective And Cohesive Team

In this era where workplace is constantly innovating, seamless communication start to play an essential role in business success. Therefore, video conferencing is becoming an increasingly viable method of communication for businesses both small and large. With Minrray Video Conferencing solution, your teams will be empowered to collaborate effectively and easily wherever they are. 

Deliver Exceptional Video Conference Whenever and Wherever
Streamline Collaboration Across Organizations

Compared with audio information, visual information will be handled far faster and more aptly. With purpose to elevate communication efficiency, Minrray video conference solution exploit cutting-edge technology like image processing and optimization to deliver smooth and optimal image and vocal clarity.                          

Bring Office and Remote Workers Together

In response to the challenge of new hybrid working trend, many enterprise are conducting working-from-anywhere method. For remote workers, compact webcam is critical to discuss with their workmates and exchange their intuitive ideas. Featured by trouble-free installation, plug and play functions, employees have greater freedom to start an on-line meeting whenever and wherever.


Deliver Seamless Video Meetings for Large Groups

For large enterprises, video conference solutions must be controlled from multiple locations and featured by large FOV to ensure all participates on the spotlight. Minrray cameras for large video conference featured by multiple presets and auto focus that follow who is always speaking to keep the conference focused around the speaker.