Conferencing Cascading Omnidirectional Speakerphone

Offer Business-Class Acoustic That Adapts to Room of Any Size and Shape

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Omnidirectional Speakerphone

VC700 is a professional-grade omnidirectional speakerphone kit, which adopts advanced voice processing technology, able to provide 48K sampling rate, and echo cancellation is up to 500ms. Feel free to enjoy crystal-clear sound thanks to the intelligent noise reduction technology, so the participants will have no trouble in hearing and being heard, making virtual meeting feel like a face-to-face communication.

Full-duplex Call

Built in 4 high sensitivity microphone arrays ensure VC700 360° voice pickup with 12 meters. Dedicated to capturing every single voice detail, VC700 provides smooth and clear communication without moving around even you are in the meeting corner.

Multiple Interfaces and Intelligent Connectivity

Minrray VC700 can connect to PCs, tablets, and smartphones via the USB cable, Bluetooth, and the BT adapter.

Built in 5400mA Battery, Working Time over 10 Hours

Built in 5400mA battery, using time over 10 hours and accompanying you up to 90 days without power anxiety

Technical Specification
 Cascading Omnidirectional Speakerphone
Acoustic   Echo Cancellation (AEC)>65dB
Echo   Cancellation Length≥500ms
Two-way   Noise Compression(NC)<25dB
Smart   Microphone Direction Finding(EMI)Yes
Automatic   Gain Control(AGC)Yes
Mic Frequence Respondence100HZ-22KHZ
Speaker Frequence Respondence100HZ-22KHZ
Audio Range12 meters with 360°
Reverberation Time< 0.5 second
Noise Level< -48 dBA
Power SupplySupply power via USB
    Built in 5400mA battery, working time over 10 hours and standby time 90 days.
Back PanelMain Mic:AUX terminal port, RJ45 LAN port, USB jack.
Extension Mic:RJ45 LAN port
Standard AccessoryUSB cable, cascading cable, user manual
Optional AccessoryBluetooth adapter

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