Home Support FAQs
  • What to do when web pages fail to log in?

    a.   Check if the camera outputs video normally by connecting directly to the screen.

       b.   Check whether the network cable is connected properly (Ethernet port yellow light flashes to indicate normal network cable connection)

       c.   Check whether your computer is added the segment and the segment is consistent with the IP address of the camera

       d.   Click "Start" and select "Run" and then type “cmd” in the computer; Click "OK" then turn on a DOS command window to enter ping Press the Enter key to appear message as follows: Description network connection is normal

  • What to do when remote control doesn't work?

    a.  Remote control address is set to 1 (if the machine is set back to the factory defaults, remote control addresses need to be back to 1 too)

            b. Check whether the battery is installed on the remote controller or low.

    c. Check the camera working mode is the normal operating mode (see Table 2.2 and Table 2.3)

    d. Check the menu whether is closed, camera control through remote controller is only available after exiting the menu. If video output from LAN, menu will not be displayed, menu will automatically exists 30s later, and then it can be controlled by remote controller.

    If above steps doesn't work for you, please contact our technical team.

  • What to do when there is no image for video output?


        a. Check whether the USB cable of the device is connected well and whether the power indicator is on

    b. Check whether the device is normal after power-off and restart

    c. Restart the computer to check whether it is normal

    d. Check whether the video output cable is normal

    e. Check whether the device is recognized normally, uninstall the device when it is displayed in the device manager that cannot be recognized normally, and reload it

    If your camera still fail to display image, please contact our technical team.

  • What to do when serial port doesn't work?

    a.   Check whether the camera serial device protocol, baud rate, address is consistent

    b.   Check whether the control cable is connected properly

    c.   Check whether the camera working mode is the normal operating mode

  • How long does it take to install the equipment?

    Normally it will take 1-3 hours if your installlation refer to our user manual, and the specified time will be decided by your camera model.