Home Support FAQs
  • Is the NDI function enabled by default?

    No. You need to log into the camera web background and turn on the NDI enable.

  • Can my camera output audio at the same time when I use the HDBaseT interface to output video?

    Yes. But you must first enter the web page and turn on the audio configuration 

  • What should I do if an error occurs during the upgrade process?

    Contact our technical support to force a reset.

    Note: Do not power off or interrupt the network cable during the installation of the firmware, otherwise the camera have possibility to become bricked.

  • Why the live streaming is unsuccessful while the information filled in are correct?

    Check whether the IP of the camera can access the Internet normally, it is recommended to change the IP to DHCP mode and fill in the correct DNS server. After changing the IP, restart it to take effect.

  • Can the mobile phone access the camera web background page?

     Yes, the camera web page can be accessed and controlled through mobile phones, but preview is not available.