Home Support FAQs
  • Can the power cord of the camera be extended?

    Only the AC input terminal can be extended, and the DC output terminal cannot be extended, otherwise the camera will not work properly.

  • What is the model (specification) of the camera's power adapter? Can I buy it myself online?

    The power interface of the camera: HEC3800 (DC12V), you can buy it online, the voltage must be calibrated to 12V, and the current value range is 1A-2A.

  • Why can't my camera always return to the position before it was turned off after turning it on?

    Preset No. 0 is set. After the camera is turned on, it will automatically rotate to the No. 0 preset position. You can modify or clear the No. 0 preset position.

  • Can the remote control call up the preset positions configured on the web page?

    After the preset position is set, it is stored in the camera. The preset positions set on the WEB and set on the remote control keyboard can communicate with each other. For example, the preset position set in the webpage can be called out on the keyboard. But as the remote control can only set up to 10 presets, the preset positions it can call is 10.

  • Why remote control cannot work on camera?

    1. Please check the battery of the remote. Make sure the remote has the electricity to send commands.

    2. You cannot control the camera to move when the menu is on. Please press Menu again to exit the menu so you can control the camera.

    3. There are 4 camera addresses on the remote, try with different camera addresses.

    4. You may not able to control the camera when using a USB cable connect to the power source. Because USB cables cannot provide enough power for the camera to work normally. Please use the original power adapter to test again.

    5. Some models have Dial Switches on the bottom, please make sure its on working mode. (details are on the user manual).

    6. Make sure there is no other electrical equipment that will emit infrared and interfere with the remote command.

    7. For some cameras without mechanical pan and tilt (EPTZ cameras), you may need to zoom in first before being able to pan and tilt.

    8. For some cameras with tracking functions, please stop tracking before being able to pan and tilt.