Home Support FAQs
  • Why can't I enter the camera's web interface?

    1. Check whether the network cable is connected normally. The network port light will flash when connected normally. Try to use different browsers if you can ping the cam’s IP.

    2. When the camera is connected to HDMI, the IP of the camera will be displayed on the screen when the camera is turned on. Check whether the PC and the camera are in the same network segment.

    3. Check whether other connections such as HDMI/SDI/USB can input pictures normally. If all work normal, there may be some problems with network port.

  • Can my camera be connected to serial port and network port at the same time?


  • What should I do if there is packet loss and flow interruption in ping IP?

    It is recommended to connect the camera and the computer with a cable for testing. If the packets are still lost, the camera is faulty.

  • Whether the camera will keep recording if the webpage is closed?

    After closing the web page, the video recording will stop and the file will be automatically saved.

  • Is there a time limit for video recording ?

    There is no limit, you can record continuously. But you can modify the length of a single video file, from 1 to 120 minutes. That is, in the case of continuous recording, a video file is generated every 120 minutes and stored in the preset path folder.