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  • Can our camera connect to the Android conference tablet with USB cable?

    Our USB cameras use the UVC protocol. And if the tablet supports UVC protocol, the USB camera can be used together.

  • Why can't the camera be recognized after it is connected to the computer via USB?

    1. Check if the connection is unstable,and try to switch to another USB port on the computer.

    2. The USB power supply is insufficient. In order to ensure that the camera is powered by the original adapter, please unplug the USB cable, turn off the camera, and then plug in the original power supply. When the camera starts successfully, connect the USB cable.

    3. If you use the wire provided by other company, please use the original USB short cable for a comparison test to see if it can be recognized normally.

  • Why the video image is flashing abnormally?

    1. USB cables cannot provide enough power for the camera to work normally. Please use the original power adapter to test again.

    2. If you are using extension cables, please remove them and test with the original short cable that came in the package