Intelligent 4K audio and video integrated conference camera

4K Video Bar

It employs 8 megapixel high-quality CMOS image sensor,and it can output 4K ultra-high-definition images.

Auto Framing

Built-in face detection algorithm, automatically detect participants, and provide ideal framing.


Voice Tracking

Built-in 6 wheat arrays to achieve voice tracking function, real-time tracking of each speaker, allowing remote participants to break the limitation of distance and have an immersive, face-to-face experience.

Undistorted Large-view Lens

With 120° super-large viewing angle, undistorted lensno need to adjust the lens position, all participants have a panoramic view, easily covering every corner of the meeting room.

Technical Specifications

Camera Parameter
Sensor1/2.8 inch, 8mega pixel high quality CMOS sensor
View Angle120° undistorted lens
Optical Lens116°(D)/107.2°(H)/74.1°(V)
Video Resolution4K/30 and below
Digital Zoom 5 X
AudioMicrophone type6 digital array microphones
Pickup distance6m
Audio processingAEC & AGC & ANS & sound source localization

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