Minrray New Product-VA400

VA400 adopts a compact integrated design, which integrates powerful audio and video functions. It employs a variety of advanced Al intelligent algorithms, integrated face detection, sound source localization, voice tracking and other Al intelligent framing technology, can automatically adjust the size of the picture according to the number of participants and location changes to achieve the best framing. The camera detects the speaker's position in real time, and the locked object presents a close-up, without manually adjusting the camera operation, to provide a simpler, focused meeting experience. USB plug and play, easy to connect to personal devices for video conference at any time. VA400 is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized conference rooms. 

      Integrated Design I Ultra HD image: 

an integrated design integrating camera, microphone, and speaker; 

It employs 8 million high-quality CMOS image sensors, and it can output 4K ultra-high-definition images, present clear and realistic ultra-high-definition videos, vividly show the expressions and actions of characters, and provide image quality with superior clarity and resolution; 

      Undistorted large-view lens: 

With 120° super-large viewing angle, undistorted lens, no need to adjust the lens position, all participants have a panoramic view, easily covering every corner of the meeting room; 

      Voice tracking I Built-in speaker: 

Built-in 6 wheat arrays to achieve voice tracking function, real-time tracking of each speaker, allowing remote participants to break the limitation of distance and have an immersive, face-to-face experience; 

      Intelligent framing: 

Built-in face detection algorithm, automatically detect participants, and provide ideal framing;

Minrray unveiled new product-VA400-Intelligent 4K audio and video integrated conference camera.(图1)