Minrray Introduces New Generation Intelligent PTZ Camera-UV490

Minrray Introduces New Generation Intelligent PTZ Camera-UV490


AI-based Collaboration Boost Meeting Efficiency

Minrray Introduces New Generation Intelligent PTZ Camera-UV490(图1)

UV490 is a 4K dual-lens intelligent PTZ camera. This model is equipped with close-up lens and panoramic lens, largely improving the focus capability and zoom quality without a drop in resolution. The artificial intelligence algorithms enable this model to capture and track speaker’s voice to present a more engaged meeting experience, and also can detect participants’ face to offer the perfect framing. This model uses high-end mage analysis processor, so the close-up lens is capable of delivering 4K image quality to make the virtual meeting as if a face-to-face communication. Additionally, the dual-lens design allows the participants to have panoramic view and close-up view switched smoothly.


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