Smaller! Smarter! Minrray All-in-one Mini Video Bar VC300 Was Officially Launched!

Smaller! Smarter! Minrray All-in-one Mini Video Bar VC300 

Was Officially Launched!

Smaller! Smarter! Minrray All-in-one Mini Video Bar VC300 Was Officially Launched!(图1)

Minrray was excited to announce that our video bar family has a newcomer, VC300. With all-in-one and lightweight design, VC300 is a desktop personal video bar. It features 1080P HD camera, high fidelity speaker and microphone, foldable filling light, and USB plug-and-play. Minrray VC300 is designed to streamline your meeting expereience. Featuring lightweight design but efficient performance, VC300 can meet all of your communication demands, allowing you to start awesome communication anytime anywhere. With clear image in mind, we used high-fidelity 48K audio sampling rate, 2.07 million high-quality CMOS image sensor to deliver true-to-life image.

Smaller design, smarter performance, VC300 is beyond your expectation!

All-in-one design: VC300 integrates camera, microphone, speaker and filling light. 

Built in speaker: Built in high quality speaker, VC300 allows every participant to hear and be heard clearly. 

Audio Processing Algorithm: VC300 adopts high fidelity 48K audio sampling rate and lossless audio transmission technology in audio processing algorithm, supporting AEC, AGC, ANS processing, and bringing excellent full-duplex communication. 

Filling Light: With foldable filling light design, it will automatically light on when it unfold. 

1080P FHD: Boasting 2.07 M high quality CMOS image sensor, VC300 can capture 1080P HD image to present true-to-life image, excellent clarity and resolution. 

Distortionless Lens with Wide Angle: 92° distortionless lens. 

Privacy Cover: Slidable privacy cover ensure your privacy security 

Low noise and high SNR: Low noise CMOS ensure the super high SNR. And the 2D, 3D NR technology further reduce the noise while maintain the image clarity. 

Plug-and-play: USB plug-and-play, no need to download driver or extra software, convenient and simple to operate. 

Powerful Compatibility: Compatible with Windows7, windows10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher system. 

Easy Setup: VC300 comes with fix clip to install on LCD or PC monitor with ease. It can also be placed on desk or tripod. 

EPTZ:5x digital zoom

About Minrray: Minrray Industry Co.,Ltd, is a leader in cloud communication industry offering video conferencing products and solutions on a global scale. Founded in 2002, Minrray integrated manufacturing, research, and sales hopefully to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. Backed by professional technical team with deep knowledge, Minrray has been awarded with many patents in fields of ISP algorithm, image processing and encoding technology.  With focus on products development and technology research, Minrray is continuously working on higher resolution, better integration and more intelligence. 

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