Android Audiovisual Conferencing Terminal

Android-based video conferencing terminal UT680 adopts 10X optical zoom lens with 78° distortionless viewing angle. Built in intelligent echo cancellation and noise prohibition algorithm to offer users superb virtual meeting experience. With all-in-one design, it integrates android platform, camera, PTZ, WiFi, and Bluetooth. It supports for wired/wireless content sharing, easy to set up. It also features with fully-open API, built-in 8mm high performance processor, so the third-party development is available to tailor customer’s demands. It is an ideal choice for small-to-medium conference room.

Dual Screen Display

It support for dual channel HDMI output, able to display full screen in main stream and sub stream respectively

Dual Screen Display, Wireless Projection

1080P HD Image,12X Optical Zoom,78° distortionless viewing angle

Wireless Functions

 With 2.4G/5G dual modules WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, users can easily use content sharing and Bluetooth speaker.

Technical Specifications
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