Fast and Flexible Collaboration

Intelligent 4K All-in-one Video Collaboration Bar

Intro Video VC460(图1)

All-in-one Design

With all-in-one design, VC460 has 4K UHD camera, microphone array, high fidelity speaker and electric privacy cover. With powerful functions like face recognition, voice localization, voice tracking, and intelligent noise reduction, VC460 could automatically adjust the image size according to the number of participants to present the optimal frame. It can also detect the speaker position in real time and lock the target while having a close-up, which allows users to have hands-free operation.  VC460 has 6 array microphone composed of MEMS microphones, and it can also be matched with external cascading microphone, plus advanced 3A audio algorithm, you will have an exceptional full-duplex communication experience.

Ultra-Wide FOV

120° wide angle lens allow every participant on the frame with no need to adjust the camera.

Dual 10W High Fidelity Speaker

Built-in dual 10W high quality studio speaker ensures every participant can hear and be heard clearly, offering immersive audio experience.

Plug-and-Play, Boost Efficiency

With USB3.0 plug-and-play function, VC460 fuel your meeting efficiency through simple operation.

Support for Bluetooth 5.0, able to connect to mobile or other devices via Bluetooth.

Technical Specification
Intelligent 4K Video Bar
CameraImage SensorHigh quality CMOS sensor,effective pixel 8M,16 :9
Viewing Angle120°(D) /106°(H)/ 72°(V)
Video FormatHDMI:4KP30,1080P60 downward compatibility
    USB:4KP30,1080P60 downward compatibility
Video Compression FormatMJPEG、YUY2、H.264、H.265、NV12
Privacy CoverAutomatic   privacy cover will close when no image output and open when image is under   output.
AI Function Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking
AudioMics6XMEMS Mics
Audio Range6 meters
Audio ProcessingAEC & AGC & ANS & Voice Localization
OthersBar-shaped Indicator While displaying the working status, it can also be lit where the speaker's voice   comes from
ControlIR Remote Control ( No battery included)
Back PanelUSB3.0(Type C)、HDMI、LINE IN、LINE   OUT、RJ45、HEC3800 Power Socket(DC12V)、Bluetooth 5.0

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