Minrray Omnidirectional Speakerphone for Small to Large Rooms

Full-Duplex, Deep Echo Cancellation

Support AEC(Acoustic Echo Cancellation, AGC(Automatic Gain Control),NC(Bidirectional noise compression), Automatic Direction finding Technology of Intelligent microphone(EMI), Zero damage compression in vocal full frequency domain 

360°Omnidirectional Speakerphone

Built in 4 Mics, and 360° voice pickup with 6m diameter

Bluetooth Speakerphone

Minrray VA210-A is a USB/Bluetooth speakerphone, which deliver premium sound and volume up to 95dB, making an immersive meeting communication.

Simple But Effective

Various buttons on the panle, you can participate or end a meeting simply by one tap of the button.

Technical Specifications
Omnidirectional Microphone
Audio ParameterAcoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC):>65dB
Echo Cancellation Length:≥400ms
Two-way   Noise Compression(NC):<25dB
Smart   Microphone Direction Finding(EMI)
Automatic Gain Control(AGC)
Audio Range6 meters with 360°

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