AI-based 4K PTZ Camera

AI-based 4K PTZ Camera

UV430 is a brand new ultra HD 4K camera with 12X/25X/31 optical zoom, supporting for HD image and is compatible with high resolution 4K60,4K30,4K25,1080p60,1080p50,1080p30,1080p25. UV430 has powerful image adjustment including AWB, AE, AF, to process image effectively and quickly.

Superb High-definition Image

Sony high quality CMOS image sensor allows UV430 to output image at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. So the camera is capable of capturing detailed expression and movement to deliver true-to-life image.

Optical Zoom Lens

12X, 25X and 31X optical zoom with 80.4°/ 59.2°/59° FOV without distortion

AI-powered Auto Tracking Technology 

Seamless tracking between different zones: After you preset different tracking zones, the camer will track and capture the target seamlessly between the presetting zones. Zone Tracking technology enables you to have a wide range of shooting angle with no dedicated operators required.

Real-time Tracking: Once there is a person being detected, the UV430-AI would automatically follow the movements, and zoom in/out to focus on the target. That is perfect for teaching recording, virtual meeting and any other streaming you want to deliver on your own.

Technical Specification
4K PTZ Camera
Image Sensor1/2.5 inch SONY   CMOS Image Sensor1/2.5 inch SONY   CMOS Image Sensor1/2.5 inch SONY   CMOS Image Sensor
Focus f=3.85   mm~ 43.06 mm ±5%f=7.1   mm~ 171.95 mm ±5%f=6.91   mm~ 214.64 mm ±5%
Viewing AngleH:7.59˚(N)~   80.4˚(W)
  V:4.6˚(N)~ 50.0˚(W)
H:2.5˚(N)~   59.2˚(W)
    V:1.4˚(N)~ 34.6˚(W)
H:1.98˚(N)~   59˚(W)
    V:1.12˚(N)~ 34.14˚(W)
Iris ValueF1.8   ~ F3.56±5%F1.61   ~ F5.19±5%F1.35   ~ F4.6±5%
Effective Pixel8.51M   16:9
Video SignalHDMI   
3840*2160P60/50/25/59.94/29.97、1080P60/50/   30/25/59.94/29.97、1080I60/50/59.94; 720P60/50/59.94
MJPG:3840*2160/1920*1080/1280*720 /1024*768   /1024*576/800*600/720*576/720*480/704*576/640*480 /640*360   /352*288/320*240P30
    H264:3840*2160/1920*1080/1280*720 /1024*768   /1024*576/800*600/720*576/720*480/704*576/640*480 /640*360   /352*288/320*240P30
    YUY2:800*448 /720*480P25、640*360 /432*240P30
    NV12:800*448P25、640*480 /640*360 /432*240P30
Optical Zoom12x25X31X
Digital Zoom15x15x15x
AIReal-time Tracking, Zone Tracking
Back PanelHDMI、SDI、LAN(POE)、USB2.0、A-IN、RS232-IN、RS232-OUT、RS422(Compatible with RS485)、Rotary Dip Switch、DC12V Power Supply、Power Switch
Accessory Power Adapter, RS232 Cable, USB2.0 Cable, Remote Control, User Manual

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